Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Everyday

Sick of the posts on coupons yet?  
If yes, then press F1.
If no, then press F2.
You will then be diverted to a post appropriate to your selection.

Just kidding... I hope I didn't mess up your computer...  But wouldn't that be cool if you could do that?  Uh, I guess you kinda can.  It's call navigation tabs.  But I don't have 'em.  Yet.  So you'll just have to read what I posted today.

I do have one more Frugal Can Be Fun post in the original series that I'm working on, but for now, I wanted to take a break.  Back to the everyday.  As if coupons haven't become my everyday.  (snicker, snicker, snort, snort!)

Where was I?  (elevator music here while I collect my thoughts)

On the weekends, the kids like to have a sibling slumber party.  They like to spend the night in the guest bedroom.  I'd like to think it's because they so enjoy the company of one another that the idea of spending one more night away from each other is just too much to bear.  I'm not even going to mention that there is a DVD player in the room, and that they usually fall asleep watching a movie.  Nope, not gonna mention that.  I'm sure it's all about the strong desire to bond with your sibling.   Riiiiiight!

Before retiring myself (which, sadly, isn't too much later than it becomes silent in the guest room) I go and check on the kiddos.  

Last night, I found this:

A mysterious pile of blankets.  On the ground.

Closer inspection revealed that they did contain a life form.

What could this be?  A slight snore emanated from the furry brown head that, apparently, had the huge moon face of a white cat. 
But no paws.
And so I leaned in...

Ah-ha!  Mystery solved.  It is a peacefully sleeping girl.
Sleeping on the floor.  By choice.  In a tiny corner.  By choice.  

Now I will tell you that I'm beginning to realize the perk of spending the night in the guest room has more to do with the TV than it does with the company. I also realize that if you went through here...

In attempt to access the bed, you'd probably be lost.  And we'd never hear from you again.

I'd like to say our house (and only our house) was hit by a tornado.  Specifically this room.  But that would be an untruth.  Unless that tornado was lovingly named CraftyGirl.  Because, my friends, she can go from "clean and spotless" to "complete havoc" in 15 short minutes.
Or less...

Another thing that tickles me about this sweet little girl?

The fact that she requires 3 blankets -- one of which was mine as a baby "awwww" AND a robe while sleeping.  
Me personally?  I'd be roasting.
But not this sweet one.
Guess she's got Grammy's blood in her veins!!
I love this girl!

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