Monday, February 14, 2011

Frugal CAN BE Fun (FCBF) -- Trip #2

So after spending a little time on a Sunday getting more prepared, I ventured out again to shop.  I feel like my second trip went a lot smoother.

I went to Publix first.  I stuck to my list that I'd created previously and only bought (and looked at) those items on my list.  Many, if not all, of the items were Buy One, Get One Free.  I've found that Publix is expensive, but if you buy things on their BOGO sales, they tend to be less expensive than even WalMart.  And then add coupons on top of that and the thrill sets in!
I bought this:
And paid this:  $24.45!  

The groceries would have normally totaled $61.04, not including tax.  But, because I bought it all on BOGO sale, and then added an additional $10 in coupons, I saved a bundle.  And it's all stuff we're going to use currently using.  No extraneous items here!  

I did forget to use my Winn Dixie coupon to save $5 on a $35 purchase, which would have made for an even better deal, but again I chalked it up to the learning curve.

WAIT!!  WAIT!!  Did you just say that you used a Winn Dixie coupon at Publix?  
Yes.  Yes, I did.
My local Publix accepts competitor coupons.  Your store (not just Publix) might too.  All you gotta do is ask.

I then went on to CVS and WalMart, doing the same thing:  Buying things we normally use, when they're on sale, and topping with coupons.  I'm lovin' it!
The one other thing I wanted to post about in regards to my second trip was my experience at WalMart.  Now, I don't know about your Mart, but the one closest to my house is great.  The people who work there are nice, patient, and informative.  That's not been my experience at other WalMart stores across the country, so I feel grateful that I can begin my coupon journey with this type of environment.

All WalMart stores, not just mine, will price match any advertised item.  Many of the websites that I told you about Southern Savers, Hip2Save, and I Heart the Mart, will put this tasty bit of information into their post.  I write down "PM" on my shopping list next to the item and then go back to my master list where I've written the item to buy, where the price match can be found, and if I have any coordinating coupons.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

When I get to the register, I ask the checker how they'd like me to present my price matches.  Do they want them first?  Last?  Does it even matter??  I think the checkers appreciate being asked.  It also gives me time to be prepared to tell them the price of the item.  I prefer to do all my price matches last.  That way, I'm not in the middle of unloading the cart and have to stop, figure out what item she's on, what the price match is, etc.  I feel more organized that way.  More Type A.  Like I've said before, I'm okay with that.

Stock Photo
Because my register receipt didn't have the previous price before markdown, it's hard for me to tell you the exact dollar amount I saved on this trip to WalMart using price matches.  But, I can tell from my receipt that I used $13.69 in coupons!

Though I felt better about my second shopping trip than I did my first, I know that it will take many, more trips before I'm a frugal grocery shopping machine.
I'm up for the challenge.
Are you?

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