Thursday, April 16, 2009

Camping Trip

We borrowed the pop-up trailer from the base and headed upstate with the kids to a State Park on the SC/NC line. After a 7 hour drive, we made it to a VERY packed campground. We set up camp, and enjoyed exploring the two lakes, playgrounds, scenic trails, and the layout of the campground.
The next day we awoke and enjoyed a campfire breakfast and then headed inside when the rain, lightning, and thunder started. Little did we know that was to be a VERY interesting day, filled with lightening, thunder, rain, hail, more rain, and a tornado watch. (The counties around us actually had tornadoes hit down, but the campground was left untouched.)
The weekend was filled with abundant sunshine and we had a great time participating in the campground's egg hunt, a nature walk, fishing, riding on a paddle boat, feeding the geese, and relaxing.
Our last two days we spent inside the trailer listening to the rain, which was disappointing, but still fun.
All in all, we had a great trip and are already searching for our next camping adventure!

Egg hunts and Easter

The kids both had an egg hunt at their schools in the week preceding Easter. We were invited to Matthew's, but not Cadey's. So, enjoy the few photos I was able to snap of the hunts...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Zoo trip

Last weekend we took the kids upstate to the zoo. We spent the night in the Embassy Suites (VERY fancy, according to the kiddos!) enjoying swimming, pizza on the house, breakfast on the house, and two tickets to the zoo.

We were some of the first people to enter the zoo when it opened and it was great to have the place to ourselves!! We stayed for about 5 hours visiting with the animals, riding the train, ponies, and carousel, and even feeding a giraffe! All in all, it was a great day!!