Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FCBF -- Organizational Tools

In a previous post, I mentioned that when there are sales and coupons where I can buy things very, very inexpensively and stock up, that I do so.  I wanted to clarify that.

I stock up.  To a point.  I will not buy things my family wouldn't normally use.  I am no longer a brand-snob, showing brand favoritism.  I now use whatever is cheapest after considering the sale and coupons I have.  But, I won't buy 72 boxes of Hamburger Helper just because I was able to buy them for $.19 per box.  Nor will I buy 10 boxes of Cheerios because they're on sale if my family will not be able to eat those 10 boxes in the next 6 months.

I will, however, buy extra when and if I can and then DONATE it.  
Couponing is not about being greedy.  It is not about gluttony, friends.  It is about being good stewards with the money God has given us.
And then, sharing the wealth.

Now, ahem.  Back to what I planned to talk about before I was convicted to talk about greed and gluttony.  (Stepping off my soapbox.)

Like I've mentioned a few times here on Greyhaired Momma, I am a Type A personality.  I'm okay with that.  And if I wasn't okay with that, I'd make a plan, write notes about the plan, and then carry out my plan.  Just cuz I'm like that.

Being Type A allows me to fully marinate in this process we're talking about today:  Organization.
Soak it in, soak it in.
For those of you less Type A, like maybe a Type X, Y, or Z, hang in there.  This is simple, and I daresay, even YOU might have some fun!

There are several  things I need to get myself prepared to shop each week:  
  • A pen, some notebook paper, and the weekly store flyers.  

  • I also use couponing websites frequently to help me organize my lists and find out about sales.

  • To organize all my coupons, I use a small accordion folder.  As my coupon database grows, I may need to get a larger folder, or even a notebook.  I've seen other couponers use notebooks that have clear baseball card pages in them to hold their coupons, divided clearly by pre-typed divider pages.  (If you click the above link, and read the tips on organizing a coupon binder, there is a free printable for your new binder with coupon categories and a table of contents!)

You will also need somewhere to store all your purchases.  Somewhere that you can see exactly what you already have before going out to buy more.  Unless, of course, you're going to donate anything your family can't or won't use in the next 6 months.  (See the first part of this post if you're confused! Mwah, Ha, Ha!)

We have a laundry room that, until now, had a lot of dead space in it.  It is a big room, and though we had our brooms and vacuume there, I knew I could do a lot better with the space.  I added some shelving units that my neighbors were getting rid of (FREE!  Did I mention I LOVE free???) and then created a new storage pantry.  

I can now see exactly what we have, can direct anyone in the family to exactly where to find more of something they're looking for, and I have some room to grow.  Just looking at these organized shelves makes me feel good.  
Organized = Happy.  At least in my little world.
I know.
I might need professional help.

"What do I see?  I see an organized, stocked pantry filled with items that I bought for 50-90% off!"
Oh, and for those of you who are reading these posts, rolling your eyes, shaking your heads, and muttering under your breath, "I don't have time for clipping coupons!!", remember one thing:  Time is money.  Being organized helps you save time.  And organizing and using your coupons wisely will save you money.  Time is money.  

You have the time.
You have the skills to be organized.
Do you want to save the money?

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  1. I'm LMAO!!! You are the best, Annie!!! Do you want to be a journalist in your spare time???? I'd read your column everyday! Been thinking of doing this and getting on board with my other Type A friends like me. Just didn't know where to start. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

    Love ya,


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