Sunday, August 31, 2008

Doing better...

The week for my kindergartner went well. A few things played into things going more smoothly this week:
  1. We used the drive-through drop off line.
  2. Cadey met a WONDERFUL teacher at drop off who has become her buddy. The teacher greets Cadey with a HUGE smile, a warm hello, and lots of hugs. PRAISE!
  3. Cadey's become more comfortable and now walks into class with some of her classmates.
And the biggest reason it's going better??? God is there with her. Cadey got into the car after school on Monday and was very chatty. It then got quiet and I hear from her, "Momma? You know how we prayed that God would rise up some friends for me at school? Well, he did!!" She then went on to talk about how she played with several little girls from her class, and was even a "great friend" to one little girl by holding her hand and playing with her. (Big smile by Momma!)

And, that's all I have to say about that.

Yay, God!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Flying close to the nest

Cadey has finished her first week of Kindergarten. Being a shy girl, she was a bit nervous to start at a new school where she didn't really know anyone in her class. All four of us went on the first day, and she seemed to do pretty well. Didn't really want us to leave, but we were ushered out anyway. I shed a few tears, but after talking to Mom and B, was a bit soothed. When I picked her up at the end of the day, she told me all about her day, seemed happy, and said she had a good day. BIG PRAISE!

Day two did not go as well. Matthew and I walked her in, and she began to cry when I told her goodbye. The teacher helped her to get busy putting her backpack away and checking in. I made it to the car before tearing up.

Day three was about the same as day two. Not bad. Not great.

Day four ripped my heart out. Cadey started fussing about not wanting to go to school at about 7:30. Then, she became rude, mean, loud, and disobedient. I tried to be patient. I tried to be understanding. I tried explaining. Then I just told her we were going and began to count her each time she was disobedient, rude, or mean. That girl is stubborn!!!!!! By the time we left for school at about 8:10, she was in full-on tizzy mode. I basically had to drag her to class, crying all the way (her, not me.) Cadey was crying so hard that she could barely breathe. The teacher helped me try to distract her, but she wouldn't be soothed. I gave her extra hugs and kisses. And we said another prayer. Finally, the teacher took her to her desk and talked to her. Her red, tear streaked face, and the look on her face as she looked at me leaving will forever be burned into my heart. I was crying when I left. I didn't even make it to the car that day before losing it. I just couldn't console her or myself. Was I throwing her to the wolves? Would she be forever scarred? Would she come out of her shell and make friends? So many questions I had. I still do.

Day five, Friday, went better at drop off for one reason: Daddy was going to the school to have lunch with Cadey. She was excited. So, getting into the room and getting settled was easy. However, Daddy reported that leaving from lunch was much like the previous day's drop off. Cadey crying, trying to pull the teacher (who was holding her hand) down the hall after Daddy. SIGH!!!

Let me explain one thing here: I am not shy. Never have been, don't ever plan to be. It's just the "Dakins" in me. So, Cadey's shyness is hard for me. I don't know what to say. I don't know what to do. I know that once she gets comfortable, she will come out of her shell. But, the coming out has NEVER been so painful or so traumatic before. I think about my little precious girl in that BIG school with ALL those kids and ALL the new experiences and I just want to wrap my loving arms around her and hold her forever. I know I can't do that. I know that I must open my wings so that she'll learn to do the same and soar.

So, for now, both Momma bird and baby bird are staying close to the nest. I'm coaxing for more flight time, but also comforting my wee one upon her return. I see her potential to soar. She just needs to flex her wings for a while to learn the air currents. One day, she'll be so happy riding those currents she'll forget all about being out of the nest. And then, she'll truly soar!


For a couple of weeks, Matthew kept asking for spoons. He'd go to the drawer and get spoons. I thought he might like them to pretend to eat, play plah-doh with, make music. Alas, no. He would just walk around with them.

One day he came into the office with his spoon and I noticed him doing this:

Guess I underestimated his abilities with a spoon!

And, while Nana was here, she got Cadey working on a bunch of projects. Check out one of the things Cadey made with a little help from Nana. (She added on extra rooms "for the babies to sleep in" after Nana had left!)

Their abilities, while quite different, ABSOLUTELY show their personalities right now. They are an adventure each and every day!!

It's been a while...

I know it's been a while since I posted, but this week has been crazy. So, with the end of August coming up, I'll just post a few things now (as a teaser) and post the rest of our photos at the end of the week...

First, I wanted to post a few photos of Matthew. There have been a few days where he hasn't gotten an afternoon nap, and come about 4, he can't stay awake any longer. Hence, the couch sleeper:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Standing on the edge

My little bird is standing on the edge of the nest trying to decide if she will fly. Looking back at Momma and Daddy and baby brother bird in the only nest she's known is safety, comfort, and a known quantity. Looking out, the world appears huge, scary, and unknown.

Today we took Cadey to her Kindergarten Open House. We met her teacher and the teacher's assistant. VERY nice ladies. Cadey really seemed to like them. Both C and Matthew enjoyed playing in the kitchen/housekeeping centers. Of course, they also enjoyed the welcome table with lots of cookies.

We've had several talks about kindergarten. Cadey keeps telling me she's nervous. Today, in the car, I almost cried telling her I was nervous too and that I would miss her each day. Then we get into the class and she doesn't look back at me. I see her little wings begin to flutter.

Monday she'll start her first day of kindergarten. Mamma bird is trying to accept that this is a first, and necessary step into independence. Baby bird is trying to understand how and why his big sister would want to go to a school that he can't yet attend. Daddy bird is just overwhelmed with the thought his baby will be flying around without him here to watch over her.

We know she'll excel. We know she can do it. It's not her hesitation, it's ours.

For now we watch her perch on the edge of the nest and flutter. Flutter, big girl, flutter.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I am grateful!

On Thursday we had the most severe storm I've ever witnessed in my almost-six years in Beaufort. No warning. Fine one minute, then HUGE winds, lots of rain, and lots of "Boom-boom-booming" as Matthew calls it.

I was grateful for the free water for my yard. Even enjoyed watching God's power out my window. Talked with the kids about the thunder being the angels bowling. (Thank you Momma and Nana VanHandel for that one...) The wind howled, the rain blew sideways, leaves fell.

Then the power went out. No biggie. Not the first time. The kids and I enjoyed a picnic on the floor. (B was still at work.) We used the camping lanterns to "camp." I figured the power would be back on in no time at all. WRONG!!!

I put the kids to bed and within 30 minutes, Cadey was begging for "some sort of air, pleeeease." Her little bangs were soaked and stuck to her face. So, I brought her down to my room. Mind you, it was hotter than hades in there too. So then I think I'd better go check on Matthew, and when I get upstairs, the kids looks like he's just taken a shower. Sweat soaked. Bring him downstairs. Set up a bed on the floor for the kids. Not having any "camping" fun anymore. I mean, heck, even the pop up had A/C!

So, long, hot, sweaty, whiny, cranky story later (30 hours later to be exact) the power comes back on. I thought I would cry with relief. Of course, the power came on 3 hours after we'd gone to the local hardware store and rented a generator to hook up our fridge and some fans to...

So, like I said in the title, I'm grateful. For many, many things. But on two hot, humid South Carolina days and one night, for A/C.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Had to share

I received this today as part of an email, and I just loved it so much I had to share...

'Stop telling God how big your storm is.
Instead, tell the storm how big your God is!'

I am blessed and highly favored!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Save your moo-lah!!

I was recently checking out at our local Kmart when I came upon the new A & W Float. "A creamy blend of rich A&W and Ice Cream flavor." So I'm envisioning a wonderful root beer float -- all in one bottle. I could barely rein in my anticipation as the bottles chilled in the fridge. I even prepped a nice frosty glass. Hours later, I open the bottle and begin to pour.

Clue number one that it's not what you anticipated: No fizzy bubbles.
Clue number two that it's not what you anticipated: Drink appears a cloudy whitish color.
Clue number three that it's not what you anticipated: It tastes like crap! Seriously, it tastes like a VERY old soda with a plastic vanilla flavored air freshener thrown in.

When I read the label, I assumed that the "Rich A&W" was a yummy root beer flavor. WRONG!! Maybe they meant the taste of the "Rich A&W bathroom floor." Maybe I just read too much into the label...

I mean, seriously, how did this drink EVER get past the taste tests????

So, my expert opinion is to save your money. Your money would be better flushed down the toilet, not drinking this thing that tastes like the toilet (though I've never actually tasted a toilet, this is probably what it tastes like!)

That's all for now...