Monday, February 7, 2011

A Hurricane's Footprint

 A hurricane's footprint is very, very large.

And it can last a long time.

 Photo:  Google Images
In 2004, Hurricane Ivan hit the area in which we now live.  Though that was 6+ years ago, the damage is still very apparent.

I have to wonder what happened to these people once their home was damaged.  Why didn't they rebuild?  Where are they now?

It seems as if you can still get a pretty good deal on waterfront property here.

Some of which already have a few improvements.

And some, apparently, come with a boat.  But figuring out how to get it onto a trailer and into the water is your problem, not the seller's!

(All joking aside, I must admit that each time I see remnants of Ivan, I am quite shocked.  What a big effect that hurricane had on the homes and land here, and yet how resilient the area, and more importantly, the people have been! )

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