Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FCBF -- Conquering the Commissary

There are very few times when I feel like I, the military wife, have the advantage over some of you, the non-military people.  

You get to choose your doctor.
I am "provided" a team of doctors.  And I NEVER see the same doc twice.  Unless the stars are all in proper alignment and the moon is in the house of Aquarius, or some such mumbo jumbo.

You get to live in one place your entire adult life, if you so choose.
We move.  A lot.

You get to have Sunday dinners (and any other days/meals) with your extended family.
We're lucky to see our family ONCE every one to two years -- or more.  Airfare is expensive, man!

You get to go on vacation when you want to.
We go on vacation when the military says we can -- though one of us does get extended "vacations" to sandy, desert, overseas locales.  Even if that locale requires some sick version of  "camping" and "roughing it."

Don't get me wrong.  I have loved being married to my man -- who just so happens to be in the military.  And, I have had many opportunities being married to the military that I would not have otherwise had.

Like shopping at the Commissary.
This is the ONE time that I truly feel like I've "got one up" on 'ya.

Because the Commissary?
WOW!!  A frugal, coupon clippin' momma's DEEEE-Light!!!

(If you're not military, feel free to throw things at me now.  But, keep in mind that it's not really me, and that you'll only succeed in damaging your computer monitor.  And, I'll still be shopping at the Commissary.)  Do I hear a, "Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah"?  Yeah, I might have peeped that out under my breath...

As a card carrying member of the "Dependents of an Active Duty Military Member" Club (read:  married to the military), not only can I shop at the Commissary, I can log on to their website and access what they call "The Savings Aisle."  This is where the magic begins, baby!

I can see exactly what is on sale for a two week period, and match it with my coupons.  I do use the spreadsheet that I told you about in one of my previous posts.  It makes shopping so easy.  I was also able to write down the prices on things we buy regularly so that I could price compare them with other stores.  I really didn't think that I would be able to save much more at the Commissary than I do at the StuffMart. 

Boy, was I wrong!  Using the sales with my coupons and BUYING ONLY WHAT WE'D USE in the next 6 weeks (or that I could donate), I created my list.  I did buy some things that weren't on the Commissary's 'Savings Aisle' sale list and found that the prices are better than the StuffMart.  

So, wanna hear how I did??
My total before coupons was $ 239.67
After the checker scanned all my coupons (I had 49 of 'em), my total was $182.97.

That's a coupon savings of $56.70!  Now if you do the math (like MotorMan did for me), that's only a 24% savings.  (Oh my stinkin' heck!!!  I just realized -- in looking at the above photo on my screen --  that they'd already figured the % savings!!!!  Just call me "Frequently Misses the Obvious."  It'll be my new Indian name.  Yeah, yeah, I know they aren't called Indians anymore.  But this is about coupons.  Focus up!) 

A month ago, I wouldn't have used ANY coupons.  And paid almost $57 more for the items we're already buying and using.  So, I'm okay with a 24% savings.  And I'm even better with the fact that they tell you right there on the receipt just how much you've saved! 

But that doesn't mean I won't try to save more on my next trip.
And yeah, we all know there WILL BE a next trip!

In case you're wondering if the Commissary really likes Greyhaired Mommas who use a ton of coupons -- 
As they say, "The proof is in the puddin'!"

They wanted me to come back the very next day!
Heh, heh, heh...

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