Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coupon CRAZY!!

Just a brief post on my evening.  I'm sure you're riveted to your seat now.

I spent it at Target.  Stacking coupons.  With the sales.  

It was a lot of fun.  But not a lot of money...

Check out the picture:

Frozen veggies, brown rice, frozen yogurt, a few pizzas, toilet cleaner, ibuprofen, dishwasher detergent, frozen juice, dish soap, and more...

Had I bought those items at full price without any coupons, I would have paid $65.98.

But I didn't pay that.
I stacked my manufacturer's coupons with store coupons.
And then added that to sale items.
(Right now my Target has a "Buy 7 freezer items, get a $5 gift card" promo going.)
I used that promo to my advantage.
Wanna know what I ended up paying?
Do ya?  Do ya?  Huh?  Huh?

I paid $15.52.
For all of it.

That's a savings of 75.4%.
Or approximately $.52 per item.

And, okay, the Oreos are not something we usually buy, nor are the Reese's.  But, bluntly put, I'm not above bribing my children.  And, come on, man!  Oreos are goooooood!  (chomp, chomp)

I think I might be addicted.  To coupons.  Not Oreos.  But that could happen if I'm not careful!

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