Sunday, August 8, 2010


I don't know that "repurposing" is actually a word.  The word itself drives my spell check crazy.  But I believe I've heard it used over and over again on all of those fancy schmancy home decorating shows that they have on TV.  And if they don't use the word, well then they should.

For my purposes (hee hee...) we'll use the term to mean that I wanted a new look to some things in the house and didn't want to spend money to do it.  It will also mean that after laying hands on EVERY.  SINGLE.  THING.  WE.  OWN.  due to the "unpacking" the movers "helped" us with, that I was aware that I had lots of stuff that I/we'd kept, but that currently served no purpose.

Confused?  Yeah, me too.

Uh, let's see...  Simply put, I had a need for some pillows to put on the kids' desk chairs.  And some classroom curtains.  And maybe a new slipcover for a bleh pillow I had on our office chair.  

How can I take what I already have and REPURPOSE it?  I had some left over fabric that I'd used in my classroom many, many years ago.  Oh, and I also had some throw pillows that weren't so special.

And so, need+fabric+bleh pillows = Dut, dut, da, da.... REPURPOSING!

I dug through my box of stuff... (And by "box," I mean about 4 storage bins -- ToughTotes, if you will.  Don't you worry though, it was all out on the floor in a nice heap for me to rifle through!)

Uh, yeah.  Some fabric I just HAD to have to make curtains (tried, but didn't like the look of --it's hard to match stripes!).  And, Oh!  There's some scissors I've been looking for for years.  They're good and sharp.  And no little people have used them for nefarious purposes like cutting up worms.  And that Ziploc baggie?  Oh, that has sentimental value!  Because, inside that bag... YES!  That very bag!!  There are things that I can remember looking at (buttons and needles specifically) in my Momma's sewing kit.  They're obviously very valuable if they've remained in the bag for not one, but two generations!  Pffft!

I came across the fabric I'd used in my first classroom.  I'd used this on some open storage shelves -- pretty and functional.  And, in the 10 years since using this fabric (for about 6 months), I just haven't been able to part with it.  I love it.  Bright.  Lively.  Cheap.  Inexpensive.  I mean inexpensive. 

And for my first stunt, I hung some up on the window.

Heh, heh.  Easy.  Pretty.  Cheap.  Inexpensive.  Inexpensive. (Does it count as free if you paid for it years and years ago?)

Then I took another of the panels of fabric and measured the bleh throw pillow I had.   With little to no modification, I began to sew.

Since I'd just folded the long, rectangular panel right sides together, I only had two sides to sew.  That's what I love:  a project that gets quick results!!

It was a bit trickier to sew in the velcro, and I would have preferred to use white.  But black was what was in the box of glory (we're repurposing, remember?) and so black was what I used.

And if I do say so, it took a bleh pillow to a cute new level -- makes the chair much more inviting, in my humble opinion! (Mouse over the photo below for the reveal!)

And so, I am saving the world by repurposing.  One ugly pillow at a time.

And, the kids have something to sit on during our days of school.
Did I neglect to mention that we'll be homeschooling?  

Ah, that will be another post for another day...

Go forth and repurpose, friends!  
Then tell me what you made so I can figure out how to use up all this other "stuff" I have laying around.


  1. Hey Annie,
    So the camera must be out of the shop! Beautiful work my dear. Looks great and thanks for sharing the ideas of repurposing instead purchasing! You are making Dave Ramsey proud!
    Miss you!

  2. Annie,
    Not only are you crafty but a techie too! I am memorized by the before and after mouse over photo. Delightful...and did I mention we miss you here! Love, Susanne


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