Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gotta Have It #1

When I purchased this little beauty at StuffMart, I had no idea how I would come to love her.
Adore her.
Depend on her.

She is my right hand when it comes to making our school things durable and pretty.

"She" is my Scotch Thermal Laminator.  I knew I needed something to make our classroom materials last through many uses, but I didn't want to spend a lot.  Nor did I want to run to the nearest office superstore and wait while they laminated in their commercial laminator, charging me an astronomical rate.  I was afraid that anything I could find at the StuffMart would be flimsy, fussy, and frustrating.  And honestly, I'd just rather do it myself!

But this beauty?  She's not flimsy, fussy, or frustrating.  In fact, in addition to the specific projects I purchased her for, I've taken to making lots of other things I didn't know I needed (my own posters, for instance) just so that I can laminate them!  And at only $24.99, I feel like I got a steal of a deal!

Scotch also sells laminating "pouches" to use with the laminator.  (Also very budget friendly!)  Don't let the word "pouch" freak you out, though.  I had thoughts before purchase:  "Pouch??  Like I'm going to have to stuff my items in there and then laminate?  What if I have tiny items that aren't the size of a piece of paper?  Will I be able to laminate tiny items?"  And there was much hand wringing, reading of packaging, and gnashing of teeth.

The pouches are actually two pages that are sealed on only one edge.  They fold open like a book and then you fill 'er up, fold it closed, send it through the machine, and then enjoy the beauty!  (Apparently the marketing department at Scotch liked the name "pouches" better than "only-one-side-attached-so-you-can-fill-easily-laminating-sheets."  Who would have thought?)

If you, like me, are a homeschooling momma, then you gotta have one of these things.  And, if you like your papers, photos, documents, or anything else smaller than a letter sized page to be shiny and laminated like the pros, then you gotta have one of these things.  However, if you are a document forger or one who makes and sells illegal driver's licenses, you don't gotta have one of these.  Uh-uh.  (My lawyer required me to say that last part! -- Gotcha.  Like I have a lawyer?  Seriously, people.  Hello?  Is this thing on?) 

Go forth and laminate...

This is not a paid endorsement.  Scotch Brand has no idea that I have fallen in love with their thermal laminator.  In fact, if you called up Scotch Brand and asked about me, they'd have no idea who you were talking about.  "Hello, Mr. Scotch?  I'd like to talk to the Greyhaired Momma, please."  Whoo, I'll bet you'd hear a pin drop!  I have decided to take on this job of informing you, my adoring public, about some of the things that I have bought, used, and liked, loved, or decided I just gotta have it!  And, all for free.  Yes, you're that lucky!

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