Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Like it. Love it! Gotta-Have-It!! **

Since moving, we've purchased a few new things.  Some of these things are household goods that I have come to like.  Or love.  Or have decided that they were definitely a good purchase (Gotta-Have-It!).

So, since I have such a generous spirit, I thought I would share with you these purchases and give you (free of charge, of course) my unsolicited opinion of these items.

None of the manufacturers of these items know that I'm doing a plug for them.  Matter of fact, they don't know me from Adam, and probably don't give a whit about me.  However, that will not stop me.  I'll still spill.  (Basically I'm just saying that I've not been compensated in any way to make these statements -- however, if the opportunity came up, I wouldn't be opposed to considering it!)

1940s DIAL SOAP vintage comic illustration advertisement woman 
(This is just a picture -- there will be no mention of Dial soap.  Do they even make Dial soap anymore???)

So, keep watch, friends.  You're gonna get some unsolicited opinions, and possibly one or two great new household items that you'll like, love, or decide that you Gotta-Have-It!!

You're welcome.

** Yes, I know that I STOLE knowingly borrowed these titles/descriptors from a very expensive, albeit tasty, ice cream shop.  I'm not ashamed to admit it. 

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  1. You are the master of suspense! I eagerly await the uncovering of these items! :)


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