Monday, September 1, 2008

No accidents...

In God's great world, there are no accidents. Everything that happens is part of His plan. As my recent Bible study stated, "God orchestrates the circumstances in my life to reveal His plan."

It's amazing to me how He reveals that. It's also amazing to me how it can take me so long before I actually get what God is telling me. (How many blessings have I missed out on because I didn't hear His word??)

I have been going to other churches in our area to give MOPS presentations. I have been to several different denominational churches. All of which I might have chosen when looking for a church for our family.

Let me digress for a second and explain how we came to be at our church. It's very close to our house. It meets in a non-threatening environment, a school. I saw the signs for the church every weekend. Their signs read, "Meeting you where you are." There was another sign that read, "Church clothes," and had a picture of blue jeans. I tried it. I liked it. Bryan came home. We went together. He liked it. And over time that 'like' became love.

But, I'd always believed we'd just lucked out in finding a church for us on our first try. However, after going to present at other churches and being a part of the services, God pointed out to me that He sent us to TCF for a reason. It was His plan!

Don't get me wrong. The other services were fine. I'm sure they were pleasing to God's ears. However, they just weren't our style. It took me about three services to realize that God was speaking to me. Telling me I was right where He wanted me. Telling me I'd found home.

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