Thursday, August 14, 2008

Standing on the edge

My little bird is standing on the edge of the nest trying to decide if she will fly. Looking back at Momma and Daddy and baby brother bird in the only nest she's known is safety, comfort, and a known quantity. Looking out, the world appears huge, scary, and unknown.

Today we took Cadey to her Kindergarten Open House. We met her teacher and the teacher's assistant. VERY nice ladies. Cadey really seemed to like them. Both C and Matthew enjoyed playing in the kitchen/housekeeping centers. Of course, they also enjoyed the welcome table with lots of cookies.

We've had several talks about kindergarten. Cadey keeps telling me she's nervous. Today, in the car, I almost cried telling her I was nervous too and that I would miss her each day. Then we get into the class and she doesn't look back at me. I see her little wings begin to flutter.

Monday she'll start her first day of kindergarten. Mamma bird is trying to accept that this is a first, and necessary step into independence. Baby bird is trying to understand how and why his big sister would want to go to a school that he can't yet attend. Daddy bird is just overwhelmed with the thought his baby will be flying around without him here to watch over her.

We know she'll excel. We know she can do it. It's not her hesitation, it's ours.

For now we watch her perch on the edge of the nest and flutter. Flutter, big girl, flutter.


  1. You will do great, Cadey. Good luck on your first day of Kindergarten.


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