Saturday, August 9, 2008

I am grateful!

On Thursday we had the most severe storm I've ever witnessed in my almost-six years in Beaufort. No warning. Fine one minute, then HUGE winds, lots of rain, and lots of "Boom-boom-booming" as Matthew calls it.

I was grateful for the free water for my yard. Even enjoyed watching God's power out my window. Talked with the kids about the thunder being the angels bowling. (Thank you Momma and Nana VanHandel for that one...) The wind howled, the rain blew sideways, leaves fell.

Then the power went out. No biggie. Not the first time. The kids and I enjoyed a picnic on the floor. (B was still at work.) We used the camping lanterns to "camp." I figured the power would be back on in no time at all. WRONG!!!

I put the kids to bed and within 30 minutes, Cadey was begging for "some sort of air, pleeeease." Her little bangs were soaked and stuck to her face. So, I brought her down to my room. Mind you, it was hotter than hades in there too. So then I think I'd better go check on Matthew, and when I get upstairs, the kids looks like he's just taken a shower. Sweat soaked. Bring him downstairs. Set up a bed on the floor for the kids. Not having any "camping" fun anymore. I mean, heck, even the pop up had A/C!

So, long, hot, sweaty, whiny, cranky story later (30 hours later to be exact) the power comes back on. I thought I would cry with relief. Of course, the power came on 3 hours after we'd gone to the local hardware store and rented a generator to hook up our fridge and some fans to...

So, like I said in the title, I'm grateful. For many, many things. But on two hot, humid South Carolina days and one night, for A/C.

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