Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Save your moo-lah!!

I was recently checking out at our local Kmart when I came upon the new A & W Float. "A creamy blend of rich A&W and Ice Cream flavor." So I'm envisioning a wonderful root beer float -- all in one bottle. I could barely rein in my anticipation as the bottles chilled in the fridge. I even prepped a nice frosty glass. Hours later, I open the bottle and begin to pour.

Clue number one that it's not what you anticipated: No fizzy bubbles.
Clue number two that it's not what you anticipated: Drink appears a cloudy whitish color.
Clue number three that it's not what you anticipated: It tastes like crap! Seriously, it tastes like a VERY old soda with a plastic vanilla flavored air freshener thrown in.

When I read the label, I assumed that the "Rich A&W" was a yummy root beer flavor. WRONG!! Maybe they meant the taste of the "Rich A&W bathroom floor." Maybe I just read too much into the label...

I mean, seriously, how did this drink EVER get past the taste tests????

So, my expert opinion is to save your money. Your money would be better flushed down the toilet, not drinking this thing that tastes like the toilet (though I've never actually tasted a toilet, this is probably what it tastes like!)

That's all for now...

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