Monday, January 28, 2008

5K Update -- week 3

I've begun week three's training. But, let me go back to last week's training. Or, more specifically, the weekend before last week's training. I ate my way through the weekend. To the point, I ate a LOT of monkey bread. If you don't know what that is, it's balls of dough rolled up, then rolled in cinnamon sugar and put into a bundt pan. It's then baked. The monkey bread I had was then topped with a most delicious cream cheese frosting and some walnuts. Yeah, super duper healthy. FANTASTICALLY YUMMY!! So, when I did my first run of the week last week, it SUCKED! I thought I was going to die. First of all it was cold. Well, cold for Beaufort. I'm not sure that it was 35 degrees when I took off. Two shirts, pants, jacket, scarf, ear warmer, gloves, etc. Not only did I have a ton of clothes on weighing me down, but the monkey bread was waaaaay slowing me down. (I literally had a monkey on my back! Or at least around my middle and on my heiney!) Anyway, I did all three of my planned runs and by the end of the week I felt great.
So, today I started week three. It was a challenge, but I did it and I already am seeing cardiovascular changes. One thing I am learning is that the week usually starts out challenging, but by the last run of the week the run feels great.
Keep cheering for me. I'm off to run...


  1. It sounds like you are staying very dedicated to the plan... that is awesome!! Hang in.

  2. Girl, you are the only one that seems to understand!! Thanks for keeping my fat butt fit!!


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