Monday, June 13, 2011

Sista Has Been Jammin'

Lately I've begun to feel quite domesticated.  

Wait!  Wait!  As I read back over that sentence, I realized that was not what I meant to say.  Of course not.  I mean I feel quite domestic.  As in taking care of things of our home.  Proverbs 31 style.  
I did NOT mean domesticated.  As in sheep.  Baa!  Or goats.  Maa!  No.  I did not mean domesticated.  I meant domestic.

After hearing how easy it was to make, I decided to try my hand at making jam.  I picked up some berries (not to be confused with "picked" some berries.)  Smashed 'em up, and followed the directions on the pectin package like any good little homemaker would do. 

And found that making freezer jam is pretty easy!

And then today, these beauties made their way into some jars.  

Am loving me some fresh peach jam.  
By the domesticated one! 

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