Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside!

It's cold outside.

I mean C.O.L.D.
At least for Florida.
I'm sure that you could argue that compared to other parts of the country, our weather is downright warm.
However, for this Greyhaired Momma who has lived in the South for the last 12+ years, it's cold.  Southern cold.
I might pull out the Southern-isms and say, "It's not the cold, but the humidity that gets ya."  Or possibly, "It's a wet cold." 
As I previously referenced, cold isn't cold unless there's snow.
And we ain't got no snow.
We just got cold.

We've been reading a book called The Year of Miss Agnes.  It's set in 1948 and it's about people who lived in rural Alaska.  You wanna talk about cold?  Yeah, these people knew cold.

And while there haven't been any specific references to igloos in the book, I felt that the combination of our weather (minus snow) with our book made a perfect time for this craft:

Here's the cast of characters:

Yep, all you need are mallows, frosting, and two kooky kiddos.

We also used a paper plate as the base and a cup to stick the mallows to.  The kids frosted their cups and then stuck the mallows to the cup.

It was interesting to see how each kiddo had a different style of architecture.  I believe all CraftyGirl was thinking was, "The sooner I get these little suckers on here, the sooner I can eat them off."   

TheBoy, on the other hand, was very methodical.  He made sure that the only space was the "door."  And, once his igloo was completed, he didn't want to damage it by taste testing.  He just ate the remaining mallows out of the bowl.  

A craft requiring a few simple supplies?  Yep.
Tasty supplies at that?  Yep.
Two happy kids?  Yep.

A bit of education thrown in there?  Yep.
Totally sugared up kids who are relegated to the cold backyard for a while?  
You betcha!

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  1. Looks like fun Annie! And thanks for the book idea, just put it on hold at the library...we have been looking for some colder weather reading...Alaska will be perfect!


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