Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Workboxes Part 4 -- The Lesson Plans

If you're just joining us, you might want to look back over the previous posts to learn more about our classroom/school work organization system:  Workboxes.

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Welcome back!  On to the lesson plans -- or the LPs as I call them...

I quickly realized that in order to "load" the boxes quickly, efficiently, and with the correct (and all of) the schoolwork that needed to get done, I had to have good lesson plans. 

We use Sonlight for part of our curriculum, and it comes with it's own LPs.  We also use a Geography curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler which has LPs.  And, believe me, that's great.  However, for workboxes, I found that I needed it all in one place.  One location.  You know what they say..."Location, location, location!"  Okay, that's for real estate -- but I would argue it's important for workboxes too!

So, I created a Workbox Lesson Plan sheet.  I have one for each kiddo, as they each have their own set of workboxes, and they each have the own curricula.  (And yes, I'll insert a disclaimer here -- I already KNOW I'm type-A.  So, yes, the LPs are color coded for each child.)

Basically, I list each item (one subject per box) as I will put it into the box.  Knowing how many times I want the child to work on a specific subject, I put that subject on the plan.  For instance, each child does Math five times a week.  So, that's on the lesson plan for each day.  Next, I put in all the other subjects.  I also supplement with "XTRA" activities -- the "fluff."  

So the kiddos can have little breaks, and to get some other skills into their day, I use extras -- poster center, puzzle center, folder games, music, Art, building center, Science center, P.E., reading with Mom or with their sibling, listening to books on CD, etc.  Each one of these extras reinforces something we're learning, or something I want them to remember.  It's not really fluffy stuff.  It's education.  While the kiddos think they're playing, I know that they're actually learning!  Heh, heh, heh!

On the LP, I have also added columns for the group time activities that we do:  Bible, Calendar Math, Geography, Science,  Read Alouds, etc.

As you can see, we begin and end our school day with group time.

In our state, Florida, the law states that each homeschooled child must be evaluated yearly, either by standardized testing (blah!) or by review of a portfolio.  We've chosen the portfolio route, which must include copies of the lesson plans.  

Because this is our first year, and because I'm Type-A, and just because I wanted to, I've included a few other things on the LPs...

So lets recap:  after adding the bones (Math, Grammar, Handwriting, Reading, Spelling) and then some extras --  wah-lah!  A lesson plan that helps me fill the boxes.  And keeps the kids interested, motivated, and excited.  

I'm all about interested in school.
And motivated.
And excited?  Yeah, I'm all about that too!

(If you want to use my lesson plan sheet, please feel free to download it and do so.  Modify it to fit your curricula and your kiddos.  Enjoy it.  And, reap the rewards of organization, excitement, and motivation!)


  1. Come organize my 5! please! :) You are doing great! and thanks for posting all the info and ideas!


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