Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Loving one of the Few

Being married to a Marine pilot has its perks.

One of which just might be

a semi-private demonstration

by the Blue Angels.

Uh, yeah.  We're that cool.

Not really.

Today is Tuesday.

And on Tuesday, the Blues do their regular demonstration practice.

And on this Tuesday, MotorMan was not flying.

And so he took us up to the flight line.

To watch the Blues.

Up close.

And personal.

Oh, the perks of loving one of the Few.  The Proud.  The Marines. 
(Well, of loving MY Marine!  I don't love all of 'em.  I like a whole lot of 'em I've met, however  I reserve the love for one Marine in particular.)

 Photo Credit:  CraftyGirl

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