Monday, March 8, 2010


After much waiting and hand wringing, MotorMan received his next set of orders. 

Looks like we're heading back to P'cola.  We're both very excited for this new adventure.

Thank you to the many, many, many of you who have been diligently praying for us and our future.  We are thrilled to see how God works in us and through us in our new home.

We'd still appreciate prayer for some clear answers on our house here -- we'll continue to attempt to sell, but are open to renting too.  Anything before we leave...

God is good, and His timing is perfect.  We're resting in that...  And buying sunscreen by the caseload!


  1. AWESOME! When are you headed to Florida? I couldn't help but laugh that even though we will be in the same state, you will be further away from us than when you were in South Carolina - TWO STATES AWAY! Argh. I have a cousin and her husband (both retired Pensacola Police Department Detectives) that still live there. I'm sure we can find time to visit you after your move if the Beaufort trip doesn't work out.

  2. How wonderful! You are a blessed family to go to such a place. Congrats!


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