Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pico Guac

You remember this yumminess from last weekend?

Yep, that was the Rustic Chunky Pico.

Now I'm gonna show you how I made Pico Guacamole using the Rustic Chunky Pico.

I love avocados.  I really, really love avocados.  I could dive in the big bins of them they have at the Stuff Mart and fill my pockets, shopping cart (in the South it's a "buggy" but I haven't ever caught on to that one!), and all the bags in the produce section.

But I refrain.

On the day I decide my life would be richer for having eaten one of the berries (did you know an avocado is not a vegetable but actually a berry?)  on that day -- that day I only purchase one of the tasty little guys.

And I cut it in half.  Well, when I get home I cut it in half.  I don't think the Stuff Mart produce guys would take too kindly if I started hacking up the avocados in the store.  They already give me the evil eye when I taste a grape to check for sweetness.  One can only imagine the anarchy I would cause by making guac al fresco!

After cutting the avocado in half, I whack my knife into the center of the pit.  (Careful, that knife is sharp!)  Twist the knife and the pit will pop out attached to the knife.

Now you can take that pit, jam four toothpicks around it's side and hang it in the top of a jar that has been partially filled with water.  Let the bottom part of the pit touch the water, and shortly roots will begin to grow.  I remember my aunt having an avocado plant forever that my Kissin' Cousin and I had started when we were just wee ones.  Or at least that's how it all played out in my head...

But, the GHM was more intent on eating the guac than I was on a science project for the kiddos.   So I tossed the pit when no one was looking.

Then I scooped out the beautiful greenish yellowish yum and put it into a small bowl, retrieved a fork and began to mash.

I don't mash my avocado too much.  I like my guac chunky.   I'm a chunky dunker.  Not a skinny dipper.  Face it girls, you don't get a figure like mine by being timid around the guac!

Then I dumped in a bit of the Rustic Chunky Pico and mixed it up.

Then I taste tested.

And tasted again.  And reveled in the glory of the colors.  Of the taste.  Of the fact it was ALL mine as nobody else in our house will eat it!  Yay!

Don't judge me by the height of my guac tower.  It's that good!

Avocados have good fats, phytochemicals, and lots of other good junk in them.  And they taste good.  So, get yourself up to the Stuff Mart and getcha one.  And if you attempt to sprout the pit, send me a picture!!

Love and great guac,

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