Friday, March 19, 2010

Inventive Infection

Being sent home with a 102 degree fever is not fun.  Unless you are CraftyGirl and you get to watch movies all afternoon. 

And draw. 
And draw.
And draw.
That's a good day off from school, my friends!!

And then your mother makes you tell all about your drawings so that she can blog about it. 

Greyhaired Momma (GHM):  Tell me about what you've drawn.

CraftyGirl (CG):  If a drip comes from infector and on you, you are infected.  

GHM:  Tell me more than that.  What are these things?  

CG:  Umm.. There's a spot coming out of it's spout.  And that has poison in it that could kill you or make you have infection.  

GHM:  What else?

CG:  Hmmm.... There's a tail at the bottom with spines that poke on yoru skin and then the germ bites you with it's sharp teeth at the top and then puts the poisionous on you.

GHM:  And why did you draw that?
CG:  I drew it because I wanted you... I wanted you to look at it.  Or to show you that it has not very spikey teeth at the bottom, but it has very spikey teeth at the top.

GHM:  Do you think that's the bug that made your body feel yucky today?

CG:  Yes.  Maybe it's the sick germ or the killing germ.

GHM:  So tell me about that other picture you drew.  What is it called?

CG:  A killing germ.  And if a drop comes out of it's spine on the top, then it will kill you.  But if you see a germ like this, run.  Because it will infect you or kill you if it -- if it -- if it  -- if a drop comes out of the left spine, that will infect you.  But if a drop comes out of the right, it will kill you.  There are other types of bugs that I made, like the Sick Germ.  And once Momma showed me a picture of germs on the computer.

GHM:  Where did you get your ideas for your drawings?

CG:  You.

GHM:  From me?  How?

CG:  From when I told you I was curious about germs and you showed me pictures of them on the computer.  And you read stuff about them to me. 

GHM:  (Note to self... She listens when I speak.  And learns.  YIPPEE!!)  Anything else you'd like to say about it?

CG:  Ummm... The Sick Germ, on the top, there is a little spine on the top that is so sharp that it can suck up your blood.  And after it sucks up your blood, it will put poison juice on you that will make you sick.

GHM:  What are you going to do now?

CG:  I'm going to draw The Infection Cow.  And that's it.  That's my story about Infection Germ and Infection Cows... Wanders off with MY pad of Post-Its...

Tune in next time for more on Mad Cow Disease, I mean, The Infection Cow here on Tales from a 6 year old's Infected Mind...  Wait, wait, wait.  That sounds so wrong.  Lemme rephrase...

Tune in next time as an infected six year old tells you what goes on in her mind.

Not much better.  But you get the picture.  Germs and all!

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