Monday, January 25, 2010

The view from here

When your my house is on the market, you I like everything to be perfect.    We've had the house staged, I keep it clean, and the yard looks great (for a winter yard.)

Until lately.

Just in case you don't watch The Weather Channel, let me fill you in:  We've had some rain.  A lot of rain.  Our December average is around 3 inches of rain.  This past December we received almost 10 inches!  In about two weeks.

So, let's just say that this rain has nowhere to go.  Ground is soaked.  Area where house is located is an "island," requiring flood insurance, which means it's low lying land.  (Hence the "Lowcountry" name for the area of Cackalacky we live in.) We won't even get into the amount of money we had to spend on pristine dirt to bring the level of the land up high enough to build.  Nope, won't talk about that...

The tidal creek is just a stone's throw away, and a bit further is the river, which, you'd think, with proper drainage would allow all this water to drain.  We've had heavy rains before, which have left large puddles.  The one in our side yard has been as big as 3' by 5' at times.  We've had no worries in the 3+ years we've lived here.

Until now.  Of course now.  When we're trying to sell the house.  Awesome. 

Remember all that December rain I was telling you about?  Well, it was just beginning to recede when January hit us with some more rain.

And last night?  Wooo... Last night was a doozy.  Heavy rain, gale force winds (at least it sounded like that in the dark of my bedroom).  And, did I mention more rain?  Oh, great.  I'm so relieved.  The ground was so parched.  UGH!!!

So, we have the view from here...

Notice that there is only a small strip of  road not under water...
Lack of drainage ditches causing a problem?
You decide. 

I figure it's just God's way of checking my resolve to surrender it all to Him.  Would I like to rent a backhoe and dig out the ditches?  Sure.  Would I like to buy tons of dirt to bring the level of our vacant lot up to the road?  You bet.  But will I do it?  No.

I'm surrendering.  I'm surrendering.  I'm swimming and surrendering...


  1. Oh Annie! I know you must be so distraught at all that water. At least your road isn't flooded. Hang in there.

  2. What a brave woman to surrender in a time like this! God said when the floods come up, He will raise up His standard! Figuratively and I'm sure literally too! Perhaps the buyer for your house wanted waterfront? :) No very seriously, I am sorry you have to go through this...I will pray with you! God never left the miracle business! :)


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