Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am truly, truly blessed.  And, I realize that.  Not only today, Thanksgiving, but everyday.  I try to live with an "attitude of gratitude."  I know all I have comes from God.  Though, in honesty, it took me a while to realize that...

Anyway, to those whom I am grateful for, know that I love you.  My family, friends, and friends of friends:  You have made my life richer, gorgeous, blessed.  Thank you.  

For the material things I possess, I thank God.  For health, wisdom, peace, I thank God.  For eternal life, that only He can provide, I thank God.   For you, my friends, I thank God.

Not only today, but everyday.


May your day be filled with love and blessings...

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~William Goldsmith Brown

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