Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Update Continues... February

February tends to be our toughest month in terms of homeschooling.  We're all ready to be done, and yet we still have a lot to accomplish.  We're all getting a bit of cabin fever, but don't stray far from home.  
We did manage to find a few things to keep us busy...

TheBoy had his cast removed, and (to this day) has remained in one piece.

CraftyGirl learned how to roller skate (in the house!) and zoomed around the rink at our annual Valentine's skating party.

(As you can see -- or not see -- February was sadly lacking in photographs.)  

She also, apparently, learned how to grow a mustache.  

A photographer friend caught me "at work."

And, most notably, I made an impromptu trip out to Idaho. 

Just me.

To look at land and a house that was on Short Sale.

That land and house have gotten into our hearts, but we'll have to see what God's plans are in that arena...

In sillier February news, I had a great time trying on every hat I could find while in Idaho.  The crazier, the better.

And, in a nutshell, that was February.

Be blessed...

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