Monday, June 24, 2013


So, March.
March is gonna be fast and furious... I'm wanting to get all y'all caught up so we can continue on with current events.  This is all history!  

We had some special visitors in the end of February/beginning of March.
We even got to celebrate Grandma Jimmy's birthday!
On the actual day of her birthday.  (If you're a military family away from home, you understand what a big deal it is to see family on the actual holidays and special days!!)

March also ushered in the spring soccer season...

TheBoy played quite well, considering he's had to sit out the past two years due to broken bones.  He took instruction well, learned some new ball handling skills, and had fun.

Cadey was not thrilled to be at the fields twice a week, but she did a good job of keeping herself entertained.  Building a cheeseburger plushie was this day's activity! 

I got a more polished, professional look 

and continued to rehab my IT Band and Patellar Tendonitis issues.  With a little help...

TheBoy was either being a ninja or a Jedi in this one...

Or both.  

And, because we DO live in Florida, we were able to get our first beach day in.
Remember, that was in MARCH!!!  (Eat your heart out Idaho!)

Next stop?  April!

Be blessed!

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