Thursday, November 10, 2011

Come, Follow Me

I recently applied to be a product reviewer -- in other words to review a product, honestly and publicly, on my blog.   I passed the first round!

Now on to the second round, writing a review.  That will come in a few days.  But there is something to be done now.

One of the specifications of "making it" past the second round is to have at least 50 public followers on my blog.  As of this writing, I don't yet have that many.  But I know you're there.  I can see you blog-stalking...

So, would you please be so kind as to go to the right sidebar, scroll down to the Followers section and click on the "Join This Site" tab?  I would be so thankful if you'd let me know you're here looking around.

I feel a bit silly asking you to follow me...  All I can hear are Jesus' words in the gospels:  "Come, follow me,"  Jesus said, "and I will send you out to fish for people."  Mark 1:17

Well, I do follow Him, and I did pray about this opportunity before I applied for the position, and so now, all I can figure is that God is keeping His word.  He's sending me out to fish for people.

So, come follow me...

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  1. Blog Stalking?? Now, come on..... I just check on you once a day, that's all!



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