Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Misto -- Product Review

We have recently begun to eat "clean."  That simply means that we are eating and preparing foods (and man, there are a lot of them!) that are as close to God's creation as possible.  Fruits, veggies, grains, lean proteins;  nothing processed.  It's been quite a delicious adventure!

One of the things I knew I'd need to help prepare our clean meals was an oil sprayer.  I've seen them in many locations, but I knew I wanted a durable version.  So I went to the local housewares store and purchased one.  The Mikasa Misto was $9.99 and came in two color choices -- stainless steel, or red.  Though I've since seen them online in a rainbow of colors, when at the store, I chose stainless steel.

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about spraying with oil.  I thought there would be too much oil on the food and in the pans I was using.  I was wrong!  After filling the Misto with a small amount of oil, I re-capped it, and pumped the lid.   After about 6 pumps, the lid became resistant, or "firm" as the directions said it would.   I knew it was ready.  Holding it over my small pan, I pressed the trigger.  And was surprised!  A fine mist of oil came out of the nozzle and coated the pan.  No drips!  No gunk on the nozzle!  

We have used the Misto in our stovetop pans, on our BBQ grill, on our waffle maker, and to lightly coat veggies before we season them and throw them on the grill.  I have been quite happy with the Misto's performance.  I'm also happy that I seem to be saving money on olive oil since I am using much less than if I'd poured it directly in the pan.  I also like that I know exactly what I am spraying into my pan.  No scientific sounding chemicals, preservatives, or whatever else they put in that can!  The Misto is very easy to use and the kids have enjoyed spraying with it, as well.

There are a couple things about the Misto that I'm not thrilled with.  When the unit has been freshly primed, the first couple seconds of oil that come out seem to be pretty large drops.  After those first few seconds, the spray is more like a fine mist, which I prefer.  Another thing that I don't care for is that the Misto will only spray for about 8-10 seconds per prime.  For us, that means only coating one pan or the waffle iron before a second prime.  When using Misto on larger jobs such as the grill or on veggies, I have found that I have to put the lid back on and pump the lid to get the oil primed and ready to spray.  Not a huge issue, but something to get used to after using the no-stick-junk-in-a-can. 

All in all, I'm quite happy with my purchase of the Misto.  In fact, we've started calling him the Mr. Misto around our house.  Using less oil, easy to use, and nice to look at.  What more could I want?  

The Misto can be purchased at many locations including World Market, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Amazon to name a few.  Prices and colors will vary.  

This is not a paid product review.  I purchased the Misto and have reviewed it as part of an interview process for Molly's Home Team, which is a component of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  Any opinions expressed are completely mine, and I have not, nor will I, receive compensation for this review.

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  1. We bought something similar from Pampered Chef years ago and I haven't bought "PAM" since ;-). I have also tried to cut back/reduce/eliminate processed foods from our diet. Good luck!


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