Friday, October 7, 2011

The Big Brave Boy

(Alternate Post Title:  Why You Should ALWAYS Have Your GOOD Camera With You)...

Our week was ending as the previous six have.  With our Co-Op classes.  

Our day was ending as all co-op days have --  

-- with one minor exception:  an unplanned trip to the ER.  Zoinks!

TheBoy.  Playing soccer.  Falling.




When I asked him at the hospital if I could take some pictures with my phone, he reluctantly agreed.  (Yes, this is the point when it would have been nice to have my REAL camera with me.)

When we got home tonight, while eating his "I've been a brave boy" ice cream, he said, "Momma, it's good that you took pictures of me.  Can you put them on your blog?  That way lots of people can know about me."

I was just about to launch into a monologue about being humble, and how famous people don't have perfect lives and blah, blah, blah when he continued,  "Yeah, that way they'll see me and can pray for me.  And prayers are good."

So, here he is on the blog.  And all of you know about him now.  At his request (and Momma's), please pray!

Blessings and thanks from The Big Brave Boy.  
And his Momma -- who has sprouted a few new Greyhairs after today's ordeal!

(If you didn't get the above minor insinuations that I didn't have my Nikon camera handy when this unplanned trip the ER occurred, then it HOPEFULLY became abundantly clear when you saw my not-great-at-all iPhone photos!  Note to self:  Nikon camera is like air.  Necessary in all areas of life.  Carry on your person daily.)

(Oh, and if you think it's less than Mother-of-the-Year of me to have thought, "I wish I had my Nikon" while my boy was dealing with a broken arm, I will defend myself.  His sister and dad were in the room too.  And, there wasn't much to be done while waiting for the doctor's confirmation and treatment of the break (the X-ray techs had already told us it was broken) other than take photos.  And I have taken pictures of all the other momentous events in his life.  Why not this one???  Okay.  I will stop defending myself now.  I need to go and pack my camera in my purse.  Who knows when I'll need it next??)


  1. Poor guy! Poor mama! His cousins think his cast is really cool and asked she they could have one. Praying for you all!

  2. Please tell TheBoy we will be praying for him and how thankful we are to know to be praying for him! Hope he can get comfortable so he can get some good sleep as he heals!


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