Saturday, November 27, 2010


So I was feeling a bit nostaligic the other day.  Missing my widdle babies.  Missing the sweet widdle curls that my widdle baby had on her widdle head when she was, well, widdle.

In short, I was missing this:

Much to my disdain, as my girl grew, so did her hair --

--without the curls. 
It took me back to my days as a stick-straight haired girl.

 The days when my momma would subject me to hours of hair rolling, stink enduring, and poor-results-having perms.  Yes, I said perms.  In the plural.  Apparently the belief was that if the first perm didn't take, try it again. 

Perms being useless on my pre-puberty locks (as according to a Hollywood stylist), my momma switched to those pink spongy rollers.  ACK!  The bane of my existence:  the pink spongy roller.  Or, more precisely, the bane of my restful night of sleep.  But, it did bring some sorta-curls to my head.

The other night I was looking at CraftyGirl's head and told her that I could make her hair curly.  I was feeling nostalgic and, I guess, CG was feeling adventurous.  And brave.  She agreed.

So we twisted and made (as TheBoy called it) "Worm Hair."  It was very cute. 

CraftyGirl slept soundly that night and was ready to remove the worms come morning.  I don't think I needed to worry about whether or not her hair would curl.

We ended up with an AF-WHOA!

As I was unraveling the worms, CraftyGirl kept saying, "I look ridiculous!  This is awful!"  I couldn't stop giggling.  And, so she giggled.  And then we watched to make sure no birds were coming to make a nest in her Af-whoa.

Don't think we'll be making "Worm Hair" again anytime soon.  But don't be sad that there won't be any subsequent AF-WHOA pictures.

There are others in the vault...


  1. Wow! I wonder if that would work on Ella....jk. She wouldn't sit still that long. Love the curls and the straight hair. Fantastic photos of Crafty girl. Yours looked awesome too! J

  2. Oh my goodness, Annie! I SO needed this giggle today!!! What a great memory! I love the old pictures you tied in so that the reader can share in your nostalgia a little more deeply. Such a beautiful girl, no matter what her hair looks like! :)

  3. Annie!
    Loved, loved this one! I was feeling your pain with the perms one on top of the other and then on to the spongy rollers (mine were pink as well) for church and "special occasions"...really how did we sleep with those things in out hair? My sweet middle girl was just like crafty girl as well, such sweet curls as a babe and then after one little haircut alas they never came back. But after your experience I think we will let her stay that way! Miss you guys and absolutely hilarious post! Love, Susanne


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