Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

"So what have you been doing, Greyhaired Momma?"  

"I haven't seen a post for quite a while!"  

"What ever will I do with my free time if there is nothing new to read on your blog?" (Place hand on forehead, and proceed with weeping, and gnashing of teeth here.)

And there was much rejoicing amongst the people, for Greyhaired Momma was finally able to eek out a few minutes for a new blog post...

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there lived three bears... 
Uh, not that story.  
This story:
 When I was a little girl, around 6 or 7, my mom decided she was going to make me a skirt.  I was thrilled.  I looked at the turquoise, goldenrod, and hot pink striped fabric and couldn't wait to feel that skirt twirling around my legs.  I don't recall my mother ever making clothing before, but she was going to make me a skirt.  I was excited!  

My mom did sew that skirt.  And I did feel it twirl around my legs.  
One year after the project was begun.  
And then I promptly took it off because it was a bit snug as the pattern was purchased the year before.  

I don't tell you that story to embarrass my mom.  (She has actually churned out some absolutely amazing cross stitch thingies that I proudly have hanging in my home.)  

I tell you that story just to set the scene a bit.  And to let you know that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Be prepared, here comes the apple...

Last summer I decided I was going to make a dress for CraftyGirl.  She was excited at the thought, as was I.  She and I went to our local StuffMart and purchased a pattern and some very fun summery fabric.  We bagged it up and came home.

And there it sat.
For a year!
(You're getting it now, aren't you??? Like Mother, Like Daughter)

"So", you might ask, "What lit a fire under your oh, so skinny backside and got you sewing?"
Uh, it was CraftyGirl herself -- we were talking about lying and how it is not only wrong, but a sin.  I told both she and TheBoy that I have tried to always tell the truth, and when I fudge, that I ask God for forgiveness.  
Then CraftyGirl pipes up: "You only lied to me once."
Glad they're not keeping score.
"Honey, when did I ever lie to you?"
"You said you would make me a a dress.  And you didn't."

So, one sunny blazingly hot Saturday, when I was avoiding the heat, when nothing sounded better than fulfilling a promise to my daughter -- in the A/C -- I worked on the dress.

And I think it came out really nicely, if I do say so myself!

It's a bit large right now, but should fit her in, say, about a year.  Which is right on with our "all-in-the-family-let's-make-a-dress" time line!  

And maybe, just maybe, I might post a photo tutorial on sewing a sweet little summer dress.  I might just do that.  

In about a year.


  1. Oh, Annie! What a wonderful job you did! It's beautiful! CraftyGirl looks so happy...can't fake fulfillment! LOL. Congratulations on a job well done! :)

  2. Dear Annie,
    Well, there is nothing like being busted by one of your kids. Great job my dear. I am one of those that checks your blog daily!! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, experiences and your love!
    Love you!


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