Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wrap Up

You would think that with a title like "Wrap Up" that this post would be about an ending to something.  And, I guess, it sorta is.  I realized that I'd not posted anything about our spring and end of the school year stuff.  And while this might be just brain numbingly boring to you, the grandparents will be thrilled.  

And so, Grammy and Grampy, Gma Jimmy and Grumpa Duke, Nana and Papa, and Bapaw, here you go:

 TheBoy finished his last days of preschool with a field day and an afternoon in chapel where we were invited to hear him sing.

CraftyGirl finished up her first grade year.  She did outstanding academically, though she doesn't really seem to thrive in a classroom environment.  We'll be homeschooling both kids next year, but I'll post about that decision later!

 TheBoy also completed his first season of flag football with Upward.  CraftyGirl managed to, single handedly, fund the snack bar while at practices and games...

We've also taken several day trips around the area to see the USS Yorktown, and toured Boone Hall Plantation.  We've gone for drives in MotorMan's 1971 Blazer as well as played in the pool and the river.

I have continued to take pictures of everything, reveling most in capturing a glimpse of God's amazing creation.  

All in all, I'd say we've had a great spring!


  1. I love the pics Annie. The collages are great. I see where Cadey gets her craftiness from.

  2. I agree. Phenomenal pictures! I love the collages! So glad that your spring was filled with such wonderful memories, and I got to glimpse some of them! God bless your new journeys this summer! :)


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