Saturday, May 2, 2009


A neighbor of ours gave us a few small tomato plants that we've been caring for since early April. When talking to the neighbor about what to do with the plants which have grown significantly, he said we needed to plant them in the ground and that he'd help us start a garden if we so desired.

I have ALWAYS wanted to have my own garden, but due to the frequent moves, I've never invested the time. Well, today I changed that.

Saint Steve (the neighbor) came over and tilled up a patch for us, then helped us plant the tomato plants. Then Cadey and I finished the beds, planted a few other veggies, and made the stakes with the tags on them.

Now I'm just praying that we get some veggies!!


  1. How exciting! Matt got his garden going a little bit ago, and we have tomatoes coming out already! It's so fun to watch things grow! :)

  2. I'm so excited for you. We have a very small garden, but it's been SOOO much fun! We have a tomatoe plant that I bought with tomatos already on it, strawberry plants, green peppers, a watermelon plant and a few herbs. So far, they're all doing really well. I love how big your garden is. I hope it's a success. We love to go out there and see the status....from the plant, to the blooms, to the fruit. I swear I don't have a green thumb, but I'm learning. The plant guy at Lowes said NOT to break apart the roots when transplanting, he said it can shock the plant. Good luck!!!


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