Sunday, May 24, 2009

Commencement #1

Friday M had his "graduation" from 3 year old preschool. He was all dressed up, had practiced his "cheesy smile" and was ready to go.

B and I met him in the chapel (C was in school) and watched as he and his friends sang their hearts out. It was very sweet. BUT...whenever we go to one of these events with the little kiddos, I feel the anticipation in the air -- "Who will be the child who does something that we'll all remember?" AND, "Will a set of parents be embarrassed or proud of the "remembrance?" Lucky us -- this year, that child was ours...

You'll see it in the beginning of the video of M and his friends singing "Swing Low Sweet Chariot." Though he really wanted to be embarrassed and cry, he pulls it off well, jumping right back into the song. We're so proud of our big boy! Watch out K4, here he comes...

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