Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Disney on Ice

Cadey, Matthew and I joined two of our very good friends for a trip to Savannah to watch Disney on Ice. The kids and I had a great time. They had fun watching all the action on the ice: Cadey was thrilled with the princesses and all the costumes, Matthew was thrilled by the lights, music, and smoke. I was thrilled watching their faces come alive with joy.

I was a bit shocked at how much souvenirs at the show were. Cotton Candy with a cheap plastic hat: $10. Snow cone in a small reusable cup: $10. Almost makes DisneyWorld seem like a deal!!

Once we made it past the souvenir booths, there was a booth for some sort of children's preventative medicine that was giving away FREE stuff. GASP! So, we headed to that booth and the kids got their very first tattoos!

Anyway, enjoy the few photos I took.

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