Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Agricultural Trivia -- Day 3

We are back to Idaho Agricultural Trivia.  Well, I have one more post.  This one has been a long time coming, as there was some dissension in the ranks regarding what today's pictures actually were!  (There's still some disagreement, but we're gonna go with what most people believe it to be.  And next time, I'm gonna find the farmer and ask him...)

To refresh your memory, come with me back to Day 2:

Did you guess what that was?

If you guessed whole grain oats, you were correct.
I jest.  I jest.
It's wheat.
There's a nifty website, The Idaho Wheat Commission, where you can learn lots more.
If you so desire.

On to Day 3's challenge:

Some farmers in Idaho are experimenting with this as an alternative crop.

No, it's not a lower carbohydrate potato.  
But let me know if they come out with one of those.  
As long as it was tasty, I'd buy it.

About 500 acres of this crop were planted in the Treasure Valley this year, primarily for dairy feed.


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