Friday, August 5, 2011

Agricultural Trivia -- Day 2

So, what were your guesses for the plants on Day 1?

If you guessed Sugarbeets, you would have been correct.  If you didn't guess Sugarbeets, well then you would have been wrong.  You can learn more about Idaho Sugarbeets, courtesy of University of Idaho (go, Vandals!!)

So here is today's crop.  Do not be dismayed.  I've taken it easy on you since Day 1 might have been a bit tricky.

Hint 1:  Idaho's 2010 crop was estimated to be worth 542 million dollars.

Hint 2:  Idaho ranks fifth for the export of this crop.

Hint 3:  This is grown in 42 of the 44 counties of Idaho.

Don't stumble over yourself to post your comment about what this crop is.  I know it might take some thinkin' but you're a smart crew.  You'll figure it out!

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