Monday, July 4, 2011

Forever Trust in Who We Are...

Dear Smoochie,
Today is our thirteenth anniversary.  Thirteen!  While I’ve had great dreams for our marriage, none could compare to the reality of how our life together has turned out.  You’ve made being married easy, enjoyable, and fun.  
I am so grateful for you and for our relationship.  You are patient and gentle with me, when I’m sure it’s not always easy to do.  You have shown me unconditional love throughout the years, even when I’ve not been easy to love.  You have shown great strength at my times of weakness and have been consistent, steadfast, and loyal.  All these things make you, as my husband, far surpass my dreams.
I will love you forever.  I am committed to being the best wife I can be for you.  I am so happy that though we chose not to include Him in our wedding ceremony, that God OBVIOUSLY had his hand all over our relationship.  And still does.  I am even happier that we are now following Jesus, and all that He offers us.  What a blessed life we live.
Know that today on our anniversary, and everyday, I thank God for you.  You have made my life complete, and fulfilling, and fun.  There are times I look around at our life and I think, “Wow!  All this -- and eternity too!”  We are truly blessed.  
I love you.  Today and everyday.
My heart to yours...

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