Sunday, March 6, 2011

MY Little, HER Little, and Me

Each time I look at CraftyGirl, I am shocked at how quickly she is growing up.  And so, from time to time, I might be guilty of indulging her flights of whimsy.

CraftyGirl received a Journey Girl for Christmas, and "Alana" has become her fast friend.  

Last month, CraftyGirl declared that the 2nd was to be Alana's birthday and that we'd be having her party on Saturday.  Since Saturday was a designated "Girls' Day," CraftyGirl felt that it was perfect because "we can go shopping for Alana's birthday present."
Bandana was not a fashion statement, but "to keep her hair out of the food."
The day began with pancakes and then, in full indulgence mode, we got ready, and hit the stores. 
And after finding just the right gift for Alana, we just might have come home, sang, 

opened presents,

and had a bite of birthday cake.

As I said, from time to time I might be guilty of indulging my Little's flights of whimsy!

Yes, the same Little who just confessed her reasoning behind wanting Alana to have a birthday party:  "We NEEDED cake!"

Uh, yeah.  
"Now boarding all pushovers for the flight of whimsy."
Excuse me while I find my seat.


  1. I say go for it! I've been known to bake a cake " because it's Friday!"

  2. I LOVE this! They are only little once!


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