Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Workboxes Part 2 -- The Setup

As I promised and without further ado, here's the setup for workboxes.  Or at least the way I went about prepping my workboxes.

I'll admit that it took me the better part of a day to prepare my workboxes.
But that's because I'm anal, a perfectionist, wanted to make it interesting for my children.

If you choose to buy Sue Patrick's Workbox System ebook, then you have access to all of her downloads including many of the things I've used.

However, if you don't want to spend the money, or want something a little more tailored to your child's likes, then simply Google "Workboxes" and you'll find a wealth of information.  And most of it, pray tell, is free!

You'll first need to determine the size of your workboxes and the number of boxes you'll need to accomplish your daily goals.  Some people use plastic shoe boxes and a shoe rack, others use pretty (but very spendy) rolling carts from various sources.  Me, I bought mine at Big Lots.  It has 7 drawers (all wide enough that pages lay flat and don't get folded/curled/bent in the box) and it was a good price:  $19.99.  Times two.

Once you choose your boxes and their location (I chose to put my right next to each child's desk) then you'll need to tag them with numbers.  I chose number tags with Disney Princesses on them for CraftyGirl and Toy Story themed number tags for TheBoy.  Both seem to have been good decisions.

Again, you can find all sorts of free workbox tags online.  Or, if you've copious amounts of time on your hands and want to create some of your own, have at it. 

You'll also need tags that say "Work with Mom" or "Help" for the boxes that might need a little assistance or if you need to teach a lesson. 

Print yer tags up on cardstock and laminate them.   Then begins the fun of velcroing the backs of them.  Of course you'll be smart enough to realize that you need opposing velcro tabs on the workbox drawer and on the back of each tag.  (Things that make you go hmmmm....  Use hook and loop side of velcro on drawer, and the softer velcro on the tag.  Wah-lah!)

You'll want to put a button of velcro on each side of the drawer -- one to allow for the drawer's number, and one to allow for any extras like the "Work With Mom" tag.

That's all for now...
Next, we'll cover the schedule strip... (or, in our case, the schedule box-ish thingie on which you place number tags once you've worked on that box...)

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  1. The more details I see about this plan in action, the more I'm liking it! Fantastic! I can't wait to see more! :)


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