Sunday, July 11, 2010


Leaving the town of Beaufort will not be difficult.

Well, not too difficult.

 Photos in this collage courtesy of A. Hernandez of  AH Graphics

We won't miss the humidity or the bugs, nor the fungi or the green critters.

However, leaving Beaufort's PEOPLE will be difficult.

It will be very, very difficult.

Photo Credit:  A. Hernandez

We have had many friends here.  Friends who have shared the gift of themselves, offered guidance, and provided many, many giggles.

I have girlfriends who have seen me through the birth of two children, through buying and selling two houses, through too many deployments, and the everyday ups and downs that come with this adventure called life. 

I have friends who have loved me just where I was at, helped me learn to walk with God, and thrive in the joy that comes from serving the Lord.  

In Beaufort we found a church that feels like home.  The people there took care of us when my best beloved was deployed, and have walked beside us constantly.  Leaving them is truly one of the hardest things we've done.  I think we will always call Tidal Creek Fellowship our church home, because that is the first place our family came home to God.   Our pastor is genuine and real, and his messages are relevant and scriptural.  As my best beloved said when referring to our pastor, "He has been, for me, the linchpin to finding and accepting Christ."  Finding another church and pastor to fill these shoes will not be easy!

We now know, and truly believe, that God sent us to Beaufort for a reason.  Whether it was to meet these people, or to really see and enjoy His creation, I don't know.  What I do know is that being in Beaufort has changed us.  It has brought us to God.

This area is called The Lowcountry, and many jokingly call it The Slowcountry.  It's true.  People seem to move slower here.  Time seems to move slower here.  But I can now see that allows for southern hospitality to spill out of the blessed souls who call Beaufort home.  The slowness seems to allow more time to enjoy and savor the beauty of creation all around you and those who live among it. 

And while it's very sad to leave, I also know that if we found Beaufort to be this great after God called us here, then our next duty station must have something great for us too.  Because I know that God has called us there, too.

I am excited to meet Him there and see how He works in our lives.

Won't you follow along?


  1. Simply beautiful! And I'm not talking about that picture of me mind you! Be blessed in Pensacola and we will MISS you here! Love, Susanne

  2. You are an awesome writer Annie. Good Luck in your new chapter of life in Pensacola.

  3. I felt the same way about leaving Beaufort, it was soooooo hard to leave those precious people!!!!! I dont miss the sand fleas or the palmetto bugs or the mold...but my heart aches for the fellowship of the people.

    Be safe and best wishes as you find a new church in FL

  4. Will miss you my friend. I don't say Good-Bye so "farewell" for now. Will keep in touch...


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