Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OAMC -- The BIG Day!

In case you've just joined us, this post is one of several in a series on Once A Month Cooking.  You can catch up with the rest of us by reading along here:

And for the rest of you faithful followers, back to the show...

All right, girls.  The big day is here.  Fire up your Kelvinators!

Do we even realize how good we've got it in the kitchen?  Self cleaning ovens, automatic timers, microwaves, and all those fancy schmancy kitchen gadgets!  Thank goodness I wasn't born about a hundred years ago!  I'm pretty sure I'd have burned everything in sight if I had to cook on an actual wood-fed fire stove.  And blacking the thing?  Fuh-gedda-boud-it!

The caption under this one read, "Make all your dreams come true!"  Who dreams about cooking on this thing?  Not me! 

Okay, back to the future.  I mean the now. 

The first big thing you'll want to remember for this day:  drink coffee/diet coke/whatever it takes to really wake you up.  And wear comfy shoes.   You're gonna need to be clear headed and "in the game" for all this cooking and you're going to be standing.  A lot.  Wear comfy shoes.  And, no, bare feet don't count as comfy shoes.  Not for this project.  Trust me on that one.

For your cooking day, all you really have to do is follow your completed Game Plan Sheet.   While you're drinking your morning wake-up beverage, refresh your memory by reading over your Game Plan.  

One big tip:  
Okay, two tips:  
1.  Make sure you have the whole day to cook -- or at least 4-6 uninterrupted hours.  That means:  make plans for the kids and hubby to be out of the house.  Or make sure that hubby understands that you're making serious meals and that the kitchen is a no-fly zone for anyone other than the chef.

2.  Make sure you've got something figured out for dinner.  Like pizza.  Or take-out.  Or cereal.  Or one of the casseroles you're making today.  Trust me on this one, girls: you DO NOT want to be figuring out what to feed your family after 6 hours in the kitchen.  I usually just keep aside one of the casseroles I make that day and cook it up that evening for us to enjoy.

Then, organize your ingredients so they are readily available as you need them.  And then, just start in on your cooking.
I'm excited to hear about your OAMC adventures!  Have a good time, girls.  And, enjoy the fruits of your labor!  Send photos of your full freezers!

I'll have one more post about OAMC stuff, but it's just a fun one -- a crafty way to make a binder to hold all of your OAMC recipes.  Stay tuned...

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