Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Sound of Freedom

That's what it's called around here. The Sound of Freedom. And most days, I agree. I get much pride in seeing and hearing the F/A-18's roaring by overhead. Knowing they're training for some important mission. Knowing what B does makes a difference in the world.
But today, it's just annoying.
For many months, the air station has been repairing the runways. Apparently the one (I won't pretend to know the runway number) that points directly over our house is now repaired. Apparently EVERY jet at the air station has used it today REPEATEDLY to take off over our house.
And while I'm proud most days, today I'm just annoyed. Maybe it's because it makes me miss B more. Maybe it's because I'm feeling under the weather and just want to rest quietly. Maybe it's because IT'S JUST REALLY ANNOYING...

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  1. I think Matt's squadron is using that runway for carrier qual practice through the 17th of November :( Isn't it annoying...all day, late nights....maybe they won't use it the whole time. I know exactly what you mean..especially when I am trying to take and nap and praying Alison doesn't come running out when it sounds like they've entered the house! Hope you are feeling better!


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