Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This is my new favorite quote:

"Girl, you are not old until you go from a 36B to a 40 Long!"

Oh, I am sooo on my way to being old!!

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  1. I saw your post after hearing a call-in radio show about a new Playtex bra ad featuring a plus-size woman pulling gummi bears out of her bra (I haven't seen it, so I could have that all wrong)--the two male hosts were outraged and felt it was an affront to plus-size women. I appreciated their sensitivity, but it was funny that most large-breasted female callers confessed to using their bras as handy storage compartments for cell phones, keys, money, etc. One man said they called their grandmother's bra the "tool belt" because she hauled around so much stuff in it. Made me laugh hard. Well, they don't tend to give women's clothing much in the way of useful pockets, so, why not put the hooter harness to good use?!

    And, don't worry -- no matter how "long" yours get, mine will always be 9 years farther south...



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