Thursday, July 25, 2013


I didn't take a bunch of pictures in June, but one big thing did happen:

My widdle baby turned eight.
He'd hate it if he heard me call him that.
Good thing he doesn't read my blog.

Our youngest, the boy with all the passion, and noise, and love turned eight.  Where, oh where, does the time go?  It is fleeting...

I kept up with boot camp,

and also experimented with making my own Almond Butters.  So far, my favorite is Roasted Salted Almond Coconut Butter.  Yum!

We went berry picking again.
This time, for blueberries!
My freezer is well stocked...

And, like his sister did last month, TheBoy figured out how to ride his bike!

With only one or two scrapes along the way...

And, during one of our many beach days, CraftyGirl and I gave surfing a try.

It was gnarly, dude!

Hang loose!

And that's it for June.
See you next month.
When it will actually BE the month I'm posting photos about.

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